Petrolim coke

Petroleumium Coke is a carbonaceous solid which is obtained from oil refining or other activation methods . Except for this product, the rest of the coke products are traditionally taken from coal. Petroleum Coke is one of the processed products of oil   That the door Industry Shed Gary To Increase Carbon the door Build Cast iron, Steel And Alloys To Work You can The river And alsothe door Industry Plastic    And Tires Application Abundance has it Whatever Sulfur Coke higher Be Need more To Materials Slag Mechanism Existence Will Had And so efficiency And ValueSale That Decrease You can ­ Will. Therefore ways to reduce or eliminate sulfur coal to be handled. Petroleum Coke with the following specifications in different sizes according to customer’s order and according to standard DIN 66165   Provides two types of packaging as follows ­ To make.

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