Low sulfur graphite

Low sulfur graphite is important due to the effect of its properties on the superalloys in the melting and casting industry, and the sulfur content of the sulfur content must be very small and controllable so that no structural changes occur in the alloy . Principally, the use of low sulfur graphite in abrasives and cast-iron alloys produces good strength and high abrasion resistance .Low-sulfur granular graphite, one of the products processed from petroleum, is a pure type of petroleum coke . The mixed reaction product of petroleum coke at ۲۵۰۰ to ۳۵۰۰ ° C there. Because of this high carbon percentage and low sulfur content ­ Terry enjoys . This product is sourced in the industry ­ Gray for increasing carbon and also in the plastic industry   And Tires ApplicationAbundance There.

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