Ferrrosilicum magnesium

Amygdalum ferro silicon magnesium in the production of cast iron ­ Unbreakable, cast iron with compressed graphite and casting of steels, using fine fermented silica as the raw material and with precise control of the chemical composition and melt quality operations. ­ Be. Ductile iron and cerium adding magnesium to molten iron is obtained. Magnesium metal has a melting point and little evaporation, and has a strong oxidation desire;   Added ­ Make up That To melt Cast iron By Methods Certain Do The Place. Usually Try to Is That instead of Add magnesium Pure To melt,From Submerge Use Be. With Add Cram Silico Magnesium To Alloys What Danny and steel in addition to spherical graphite, impact resistance and strength increased in castings increases ­Give

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