The primary ingredient is chromium chromate production. Important uses of chromite in metallurgy, refractory and chemistry industries. The chromite content is high in metallurgy and chemical industries, but it can be low in late periods. The prefix is ​​a prefix for iron, and the difference between chromium and chromium is in ferrochrome. The main use of chromium in stainless steel is In order to produce chromium, the chromium minerals are introduced into the metal melting furnaces to make ferrochrome . Principle of low carbon chromium in the production of specific ferroalloys, the presence of carbon in the metallurgical structure of the piece caused a lot of problems. ­ You are ­ It is also used to reduce the carbon footprint of low carbon ferrochrome ­ They do. Because the chromium is a carbide element and it’s made by steel alloys ­ They increase wear resistance ­ Day. The stability of the heat and pressure of the hydrogen is enhanced by the addition of chromium and the corrosion resistance of these alloys is excellent. ­ Is Ferrochrome is used in the production of alloys, abrasives, heat and rust resistant steels, plating and cutting tools, blades and drills.

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