Fermented Silica Manganese

Today, often   ۳۰ %   Manganese application in the steel industry . This element is used due to its deoxidation properties and is used as an appropriate sulfide ingredient.   You can ­ Place. The purpose of applying manganese in alloying is to react with sulfur, which prevents the formation of iron sulfides;   Since iron sulfides have a lower melting temperature, they are melted under hot rolling, forming surface cracks and reducing the properties of steel.  ۷۰ %   The rest are used as an alloying element in steelmaking ­ Place. Steel usually has 0. 2% until the   ۲ %   Manganese .Manganese is an inexpensive alloying element among alloys that improve mechanical properties, including strength and toughness. Two major groups of manganese alloys, ferro manganese (FeMn ) And Silicon Manganese ( SiMn ) Are. Silicon Manganese, in addition to manganese, have a silicon element that is an oxidising element with the above properties. ­ Excellent and greatly improves the mechanical properties of steel. Both the silicon and manganese elements have penetrating properties in the steels, depending on the degree they are used . When these two Toma elements are used together in steel making ­ They have opposite effects, and the properties of steel equals twice as much ­ They do. In other words, Ferro Silicon Manganese Ferro Alloys   WithPerformance Cram Silica And Cram Manganese Same You can Is. alloy making With Cram Silico Manganese Led To Steels Cleaner And It is free from impurities and economically more economical .

Ferro-silicon manganese, with the following technical specifications, can be supplied in various sizes according to the customer’s order as follows and in one-pack packages of this set.

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