Ceramic filter

Ceramic filters are devices used in casting operations to prevent the introduction of impurities from molten metals such as acal, slag, and …   When melting, they are placed on the march or melting, to make the melt flow purification, a ceramic filter   Good To Performance Better Requires mechanical and thermal resistance   Upper Have Be , in addition to Should not ReactionChemical With melt When Surrender Have Be

Ceramic filter of the genus   Silicone Carbide With Strength Mechanical Top And Resistance To Shocks Thermal Excellent And usability so   temperature of over the ۱۴۵۰ Degrees Satyrrad gray and for purifying cast iron, bronze bronze and the ability to remove and purify the maximum impurity   in this Materials Metallic Make has it . Some Benefits   Use From Filters That EventuallySticky Decrease waste products and increase Quality the product Ultimate   It turns out Are :

  • More performance, especially for extrusion types
  • Control the mold slopes and gritting from sandwich molding
  • Enhance the ultimate level of quality
  • Uniform template filling

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