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Best quality The products of this company are well known and well-known in the country, and this group is of great importance to the customer’s business and all the products of this company have the highest competitive quality

17 years of experience

۱۷ years of experience Foundry technology company began its activity in the field of aluminum industry in 1380, and with the help of experts and managers, the company quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of industrial components in the country.


Order According to customers’ needs, the technology of casting technology has launched its online ordering department, which is ready to produce and deliver orders at the best quality and maximum 48 hours after order registration.

Our Products

Low sulfur graphite

Low sulfur graphite is important due to the effect of its properties on the superalloys in the melting and casting industry, and the sulfur content of the sulfur content must be very small and controllable so that no structural changes occur in the alloy.


The primary ingredient is chromium chromate production. Important uses of chromite in metallurgy, refractory and chemistry industries. The chromite content is high in metallurgy and chemical industries, but it can be low in late periods .

Ceramic filter

Ceramic filters are devices used in casting operations to prevent the introduction of impurities from molten metals such as acal, slag, and …   When melting, they are placed on the march or melting.


Ferro molybdenum is used to produce high temperature steels. Usually “significant molybdenum steels by adding small amounts of molybdenum production fell because they fall molybdenum of about ۵۰ to ۶۵% MO   Is involved .

Ferrrosilicum magnesium

Amygdalum ferro silicon magnesium in the production of cast iron ­ Unbreakable, cast iron with compressed graphite and casting of steels, using fine fermented silica as the raw material and with precise control of the chemical composition and melt quality operations.

Fermented Silica Manganese

Today, often 30 % Manganese application in the steel industry. This element is used due to its deoxidation properties and is used as an appropriate sulfide ingredient.

Why us?

The company started its activity in the field of supplying and producing of raw materials for casting in 1380. In order to promote the level of cooperation with the country’s casting industry, the company puts in addition to providing quality materials, all engineering services and advice to the customers who are ferroalloy partners.

Working with the principles of engineering and the use of modern technology, creativity and innovation in the technical field, pre- and post-sale engineering services, and the satisfaction of dear customers, is the cornerstone of this company. The company has been working with more than 200 reputable and reputable companies with more than 15 years of continuous activity.

We are grateful to Almighty God and Almighty who have been able to satisfy many of the top technology industries with a strong engineering and trading staff and high flexibility in providing services.

What’s up?

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